Keyboard input or zoom causes cursor offset in RDP session

Keyboard input or zoom causes cursor offset in RDP session



 Sep 28 2023

Invoking keyboard input or zooming the display causes the displayed cursor position to become offset from its actual position - effectively you're clicking some pixels to the lower-right, making it very difficult to accurately click on items in the RDP session.


This bug has been present for probably 2+ years in this edition of the app. I actually raised this bug in the old RDP 8 client back in Nov 2017 when the Pixel 2 XL came out (which was eventually fixed), but it seems that there's been a regression issue and this bug is present in this edition of the app. The Google Play store reviews echo the same issues:


Zackary Lowery
August 12, 2023
"Update 2023-08-11: Three more months go by and the cursor issue and zoom offset when using the keyboard is still happening. It has been 2.2 years now. I've given up and am now using the old Remote Desktop 8 app which I had to obtain from a third party outside the Play Store, and Android warns about its potential compatibility, but it works better than this unmaintained solution. Is anyone at the helm of this thing? A severe usability bug persisting for two years is ridiculous!"


I am using a Pixel 6 Pro on Android 13.