Keyboard compatibility

Keyboard compatibility



 Nov 12 2021
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iPad OS RDP app does not provide keyboard compatibility between Windows and iOS. For example when using a physical keyboard and connected to PC via RDP - “Shift+space”; “Ctrl+space”; “Alt” doesn’t function in Microsoft Office as it would normally on a Windows PC.  RDP app on MacBook provides the keyboard compatibility setting that doesn’t give similar issues.  Please add the keyboard compatibility asap.

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We will investigate this issue and keep you updated.


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Whatever happened to this? Still seeing the issue running the latest version of RDP on iPad and latest Core Server 2022. Specifically the keyboard will not allow letters/numbers in the power shell window. Sending ctrl+alt+del to the system and choosing task manager, I’m able to enter letters/numbers in the run task window. Power shell will NOT accept letters/numbers. This has been going on for years, so I’d imagine I’m talking to a wall at Microsoft.