iPad RD Client Full Screen / Stage Manager Support

iPad RD Client Full Screen / Stage Manager Support



 Aug 01 2023
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Please update the RD Client App for iOS/iPadOS to support full screen on external displays, and Stage Manager for M Series iPads. This would allow me to completely take my iPad in place of a Mac

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Thanks for letting me know I wasn’t the only one with this issue. I’ve just struggled in vain for almost an hour trying to get this to work.  Back to using the RD Client on Samsung DEX.

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Hi, using iPad os 17 beta and version 10.5.1 of RD client. The latest update is supposed to allow to display the remote session on external display but I still can’t utilize the full screen. Is this iPad os related or rd client related?

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the full screen feature appears to be bugged, the mouse cursor is active on both display and causes weird behaviours at time to say the least. 

It’s very fond of minimising the app due to the virtual home “ button “ in the bottom center.


Also I would still want to use the tablet screen for other things such as mail, teams appa etc. this is currently not possible as it blocks the screen and minimising it causes the even the external monitor to minimise.


You are on good way! Just needs a few fixes.

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I need this feature so much. Microsoft Please implement your app to support full screen on external display. I updated to ipad os 17. Still the same issue.