iPad Mini 6 - RD Client Mouse offset

iPad Mini 6 - RD Client Mouse offset



 Oct 29 2021
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iPad mini 6 2021, RD Client 10.3.5 5086


When using mouse pointer mode the top part of the screen is inaccessible. 

This causes an offset on where the mouse is, vs where the displayed cursor is. 

There is also no retina resolution listed for Display options. 

 Video showing the issue - 


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I have the same issue on my iPad mini 6.


I have a iPad Air 4th Gen that is running the same version of the client 10.3.5 and it doesn’t have the issue.


The difference I see between the two is that in the iPad Air under displays the “Use Full Display” feature is working, where it adjusts the resolution to fit the full display. And when you toggle it you see the resolutions change dimensions.


But on the iPad mini 6 it looks like that toggle doesn’t do anything, so the resolution displayed looks like it is for when the toggle is OFF, but it’s actually displayed on the iPad mini as if it was semi ON, the top corners are fill but the bottom has been shifted up for the iOS home dock/bar so there is a black section unused.

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These issues should be fixed in 10.3.6. Thanks