In Remote Desktop for Mac, microphones no longer work

In Remote Desktop for Mac, microphones no longer work



 Oct 17 2023
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Ever since the Sonoma update, or possibly even earlier, using ANY calling apps via remote desktop is impossible and does not work, due to the fact that microphones -any microphones- will stop working 1-5 seconds after starting a call


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For those of you that are comfortable with beta software, you need to do the following if you want to test this fix:

  • Download Microsoft Remote Desktop Beta for Mac version 10.9.5 here:
  • Unzip the downloaded file and copy to your applications folder (yes, it runs separately from the GA version of Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac).
  • Run the beta version and recreate the RDP PC and/or Workspace profiles you have in the GA version.
  • Connect, test, and post your results in this thread.

If you are not interested in beta software, you will have to wait until 10.9.5 is released as GA.