Holding down keys does not work in remote desktop for iOS

Holding down keys does not work in remote desktop for iOS



 Jun 28 2022
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When using an external iPad keyboard while using the remote desktop app on iOS, holding down keys on the keyboard doesn’t “hold down” the key on the remote computer. For example, if holding down a letter, the letter only gets typed once on the remote computer, instead of the expected behavior which would be for the letter to be typed repeatedly as is normally the case. Or when holding down the w key to move forward in a game, the game only registers a single key press and not a key held down so the player doesn’t move forward. This makes a lot of functionality (especially things like coding, games, and navigation with the keyboard) difficult or impossible to do over remote desktop, and also makes some keyboard shortcuts not work. If the remote desktop software could recognize not just when a key is pressed, but when it is held and released as well just like it does in the desktop clients, it would help a lot.

Copper Contributor

Hello, I am still hoping for an answer on this, as it makes it extremely difficult to do parts of my work using the remote desktop software on iPad. Is it possible to have the software recognize when buttons are held down, so that the correct key press/release command can be sent to the remote computer?