Full screen on external display in Remote Desktop IPad Pro

Full screen on external display in Remote Desktop IPad Pro



 Oct 22 2021
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Working with Windows365 on my iPad Pro is amazing but it will be perfect if Remote Desktop app use the full size of the screen using external monitor.   Jump Remote Desktop have this capability but you can not connect to Windows365.   As i said.. it  wil be the ideal world o have my Win365 on the iPad using external monitor with full size screen.  


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i would suggest raising this idea at the uservoice of the workload, with enough upvotes the product team will take into consideration.

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This is the place the RDP app says to go to for feedback. This should be where the RDP developers look to for their ideas. 

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There was a request for this in the old feedback site - really wish Microsoft would take advantage to the external monitor functionally as they did with Dex. 

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This idea was posted 2 years ago in the old uservoice plattform with ~300 upvotes and was marked as „in progress“ - so sometimes in the future, or not, this will be implemented. I think that a version in the beta channel exists what supports your request (was discussed).


i dunno why this is a big problem, as you said, jump desktop supports this since 4 or more years. Personal i think its a sinple marketing move to sell surface hardware.




Looks like this is a feature idea for Windows365. You can share this feedback here: Windows 365 feature requests - Microsoft Tech Community. In parallel we will provide feedback that the feature button leads to the wrong foru,/ We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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Microsoft is absolutely ridiculous. How is this a W365 feature? The request is to have the iPad RD app support full screen sessions which is applicable to W365 and traditional RDP sessions against Windows VMs or desktops. You guys keep closing requests without understanding the ask and don’t even have the decency to retag. This request has been submitted in various iterations and they keep getting lost because of negligence like this…


I am sorry for the confusion the original posts talks about W365 which provides customizations on top of the application hence the guidance.

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Thank you for the prompt response, Eva. This request has been submitted many times over the past 2 years and keeps getting lost. This was submitted in the old feedback website, but that has since been retired. The RD iPad client redirects users to this location. Any help with retagging or redirecting would be appreciated. 

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Maybe. But the the „submit a feature“ bitton within the app is pointing to this subforum.


anyway as @MK-87 said. This feature is for 365 and on premise rdp sessions. And i dont know what you mean with „W365 which provides customizations“ this isnt a configurable feature in 365 too. Its an app limitation wich is requested first about 5 years ago in the old uservoice plattform.


this is typically ms. Not the right forum closed-deleted-forgotten. Has any of our suggestions come to any developer or spokesman who decides an implemantation? I think not.


in germany we say: you can talk to a wall. The wall will move earlier to the side as someone changes his mind.


Be assured the feedback is passed on :)! We want to ensure you receive the right experiences for the features you use.