Configure or Disable the automatic timeout

Configure or Disable the automatic timeout



 Mar 22 2024
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If the RDP client used to connect to Azure Devbox (Remote Desktop app) is not used for a short amount of time, the session is disconnected, and we have to reconnect.


This is not ideal due to the way the devbox RDP window is resized to full screen, and the amount of time it takes to login and rehydrate the VM. 


I have notes and code open for reference on the devbox, and needing to wait for the reconnect/login process is very annoying.


I noticed that the timeout is enforced on the client level, meaning even if I have a mouse jiggler installed on the VM itself, that does not resolve the timeout issues on the client.


Please add configuration for the session timeout or allow us to use third party RDP clients with Azure Devboxes


I have multiple DevBoxes open, and it will be useful to have some options from 1 minutes to 1 hour for example to stay connected.
Also, I feel that my build time is bigger when I am disconnected.