Capture control+cursor keyboard combos in Remote Desktop client for Mac

Capture control+cursor keyboard combos in Remote Desktop client for Mac



 Oct 20 2021
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Please make the Remote Desktop client for Mac capture control+cursor keyboard combos when active.


I use these combos a lot when editing in Windows, but on the Mac they are by default mapped to cycling desktops, so instead of jumping to next/previous word in a text editor, I cycle between fullscreen Mac apps.


I know I can disable these keyboard shortcuts globally on Mac side, but I don't want to.


This is the only thing stopping me from using this app - all third party alternatives that I used have this feature.

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the problem you experience is by design. It's not a lack of support or anything. Microsoft deliberately frustrate our experience with RDC for macOS by refusing to use unicode like EVERYONE else on the RDC market.


My suggestion is to use teamviewer, anydesk or any remote solution as long as they use unicode and not key mapping to send characters to the target machine.

I use anydesk (AD) for keyboard heavy tasks on my remote windows machine. They have a free version. 

From the "keyboard layout" menu select "translate" (if you choose "map" you will experience exactly the same issue as Microsoft RDC).

This means that if I press SHIFT+4 on my macOS keyboard (this prints the $ sign), AD will send U+0024 to the remote windows, and windows knows that this is the $ sign.

with AD, 100% of my visible apple special characters work in windows

It's so annoying and frustrating that microsoft refuse to use unicode. They still use the keyboard physical mapping approach that was the norm 20 years ago.