Cannot connect from Mac to Windows 11 home computer

Cannot connect from Mac to Windows 11 home computer



 May 30 2023

I'm not sure that I am in the right place, but this is where the Mac Microsoft Remote Desktop app takes me when I try to log an issue from within the app.

I'm trying to connect from Mac Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.8.3 (2098) to a Windows 11 Pro computer on my home network. I'm connecting to the machine, as I get a certificate error.

In looking at the logs on the Windows machine, the RemoteDesktopServices-RdpCoreTS app says that an Interface method is called (SendPolicyData). And then the "TCP socket was gracefully terminated." I'm sending my username in all of the ways I can think. And using the password I use to log into the Windows machine. But from the Mac side no login credentials are sufficient. The only account on the machine is my personal Microsoft account. And it's an Administrator account, so it's among the allowed Remote Desktop Users.