1:1 pixel mapping for macOS client

1:1 pixel mapping for macOS client



 Mar 01 2023

I believe something isn't quite right when it comes to display scaling in the macOS Remote Desktop client. No matter if "Update the session resolution on resize" is checked or not it seems that the window is always rendered one pixel too small or too big. One way to see this easily is to run an application which does not make use of font smoothing in the remote session. In this example it can easily be seen that the white ADAT_TX text is mangled by the macOS app but displays 1:1 pixel accurate in the Win11 app. The fact that the red text is mangled anyway is due to the video encoding used I suppose - nothing much to do there.


Is there a way to force 1:1 pixel rendering to make the display look right in the macOS app, and even better, is there a way to render the image with full chroma resolution to avoid crushing things like the red text?


I hope the PNG screenshots hasn't been resized by the forum. The image caption identifies which is which.


macOS Remote Desktop 10.8.1 clientmacOS Remote Desktop 10.8.1 clientWindows 11 MSTSC 10.0.22621 clientWindows 11 MSTSC 10.0.22621 client