Group costs by host pool with Cost Management now in Public Preview for Azure Virtual Desktop
Published Sep 26 2022 12:28 PM 6,940 Views

We’re excited to announce that Microsoft Cost Management has a new feature to help you group Azure Virtual Desktop costs with Azure tags! Now in Public Preview, this new feature makes it easier to understand and manage costs by host pool.


  • Tagging is a tool already available across Azure services that helps customers organize resources inside their Azure subscription. And now, you can use cm-resource-parent as your Tag key and the resource ID of the Azure resource you want to group costs by as your Tag value, so that you can view associated costs without having to filter by resource in Cost Analysis. This allows you to automatically group the costs of taggable Azure resources that support your Azure Virtual Desktop deployments by their respective host pools. 
  • Resources in Cost Analysis will conveniently appear nested under the resource you specify with the new cm-resource-parent Azure tag which was not possible with Azure tags before. Like any Azure tag, cm-resource-parent will not impact billing. Instead, it empowers you to view resources by meaningful arrangements for your organization.



To learn more about our guidance on using Azure tags for Azure Virtual Desktop, review our documentation.








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