Azure Virtual Desktop Watermarking Support
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Announcement: General Availability of Watermarking Support in Azure Virtual Desktop

We are announcing the general availability for Watermarking support on Azure Virtual Desktop, an optional protection feature to Screen Capture that acts as a deterrent for data leakage.  This watermarking capability was first introduced in Feb 2023 via Public Preview Windows Desktop clients. With General Availability, we’re introducing support for Azure Virtual Desktop web client. Available by downloading and adding administrative templates for Azure Virtual Desktop.


Watermarking enables QR codes which are displayed on the Session Desktop



Key Features of Watermarking in Azure Virtual Desktop

  • Complementary to Azure Virtual Desktop Screen Capture Protection
    • Deterrent, preventing sensitive information displayed from being captured and shared on Azure Virtual Desktop client endpoints.
    • Watermarks are QR codes generated which embed the session user’s Activity ID to add traceability that can help enterprises identify potential data leak sources.
  • Availability
    • Only clients that support this feature can connect to the remote session.
      1.     Currently, Watermarking support on Azure Virtual Desktop is only available on Microsoft Remote Desktop Client for desktops & web.
      2.     Configured at the session-host level, enforced on the client.
  • How is watermarking used?
    • Scan the QR code which will extract the Activity ID GUID
    • Admins use Log Analytics WVDConnection table to retrieve the Activity ID for a specific watermark.
    • Admin can configure opacity and granularity of displayed QR codes.


Getting Started

Please visit Watermarking in Azure Virtual Desktop | Microsoft Learn for details on setting up Watermarking Support in Azure Virtual Desktop using Administrative templates for Azure Virtual Desktop to get started. For more information about Azure Virtual Desktop desktop security and other any other security best practices, please visit Azure Virtual Desktop security best practices - Azure | Microsoft Learn.

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