Announcing general availability of FSLogix 2210
Published Dec 13 2022 04:24 PM 8,876 Views

We are pleased to announce the general availability of FSLogix 2210. This latest version is focused on three core features, six bug fixes, and two general updates. We've added several new articles to our documentation and updated the configuration settings reference page.


What's new in FSLogix 2210?

FSLogix added three new features. First, VHD Disk Compaction, which allows the user's container to shrink during the sign-out phase. VHD Disk Compaction will reduce the amount of consumed storage for user's profile. Second, we've added a new process during the sign-out phase which creates an AppX package manifest for the user. This manifest is used at sign-in to re-register the AppX applications for an improved user experience. Lastly, when users delete data from within their session, we now roam the user's Recycle Bin which allows them to restore it from another session.


It's important to note that users may be required to authenticate to their applications (e.g., Microsoft 365 apps, Teams (work or school), OneDrive, etc.) at every sign-in. Check out the known issues page for more information.


To learn more about this release, please visit the FSLogix release notes.

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