Block Migrations added to Azure Storage Migration Program
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If you were an attentive reader of the "Looking Forward" section in Karl's last update on the Azure Storage Migration Program, you probably took note of this: "...adding partners to address even MORE scenarios and help you migrate any application to Azure!" - Well, today we are doing just that! 


Cirrus Data added to Storage Migration Program

We are expanding the Azure Storage Migration Program by adding Cirrus Data Solutions as a partner. With the help of Cirrus Data, you can now migrate block-level data from anywhere into any of Azure’s block storage offerings using the Cirrus Migrate Cloud sponsored Azure Marketplace offering – at no cost!  


Block storage systems provide raw storage in units of fixed-sized “blocks”. Each block storage volume consists of these blocks and can be controlled like an individual hard drive.  Block storage delivers high performance and provides granular access to raw data, making it highly suitable for Tier-1 business critical applications. The versatility of block storage also allows it to be used as boot disks (OS disks) and data disks supporting virtual machine-based file systems, RAID arrays, databases, and container applications. On-premises, scalable block storage is mainly provided by SAN (Storage Area Network) appliances, and Cirrus Data can help migrate those to Azure - for example, to Azure Elastic SAN (in preview). 


Cirrus Data’s Cirrus Migrate Cloud solution can assess your current system, find the most cost-efficient Azure resources to serve your running workloads, and then set up and migrate your data to those resources. The migration occurs in the background, and you get to plan your migration cutover - and thanks to Cirrus Data’s cMotion™ migration cutover technology, you can do this with nearly zero downtime, or no downtime at all for clustered enterprise applications! 


How do I participate?

If you are ready to take advantage of this opportunity to start migrating your block storage to Azure, go to Cirrus Data's Azure Sponsored migration offer in the Azure Marketplace. After you select “Contact Me,” a Cirrus Data technical representative will reach out to schedule an onboarding session to review the software’s capabilities, ensure that your scenario is supported under the migration program guidelines, provide you with a valid license key for the software deployment, and share how to engage support if needed throughout your engagement. Keep in mind that extensive support needs will require a separate support contract. 


If you were looking for file migration instead, check out the instructions in this blog post on File Migration.





Q: How long will the program continue? 

A: We will continue the Azure Storage Migration Program with Cirrus Data for at least three more years. Microsoft is committed to our relationships with our partners and we have received tremendous feedback on the program so far. Our partners have robust offerings today that have supported each and every combination of migration scenarios we have encountered, and their robust features have helped customers save money and time. Our newest partner in the Azure Storage Migration Program, Cirrus Data, is tested and integrated with Azure specifically for block migrations.


Q: Is the program really free?

A: Yes, you can license Cirrus Migrate Cloud for no additional cost as part of the Azure Storage Migration Program However, if you want to use some of the other services they provide, you will need to purchase separate licensing. Also note that the file migration program does not include professional services to help you configure the software beyond the onboarding session, Getting Started Guides and How-To videos

Cirrus Data
does have a global team of block data mobility experts that can deliver additional professional services for things like software configuration or even to complete the migration for you. If that is what you need, you can engage with Cirrus Data directly for a statement of work or leverage the
Azure Migration and Modernization Program. The software is available for solution integrators and service providers to leverage when driving an approved AMMP project for you.  


Q: What paperwork or approvals are necessary?

A: None. Reach out to, or select the Cirrus Migrate Cloud offer in the Azure Marketplace to get started.


Q: Does participating in the program mean I am no longer eligible for other programs like the Azure Migration and Modernization Program (AMMP)?

A: No. The Storage Migration Program (SMP) is complimentary and additive to AMMP. You can use AMMP to migrate databases and VMs and use Cirrus Data to migrate the block level data used by the same application. SMP does not impact the scope of your AMMP engagement at all.


Q: What if my source data is on another cloud?

A: You can leverage the program and tools to move the data from either on-premises or another cloud to Azure Storage. Cirrus Data offers the ability to migrate block-level data from any block storage vendor or cloud to Azure Storage without exceptions.


Q: I am concerned that bandwidth will be a problem and migration will impact day-to-day business. How can I be sure the copy activity will not be disruptive?

A: Cirrus Data's migration software allows you to adjust the impact of the migration on your running workloads. The software tracks the I/O rate used by the host you are migrating from and adjusts it based on your settings. If you want to ensure no impact and bandwidth is starting to run out, the tool will slow down the migration and ramp it up again when more bandwidth is available. If you instead do not care about the impact, or have an important deadline to make, you can instruct the software to ignore the needs of the host and relentlessly migrate - or anything in between. You are in full control.



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