Announcing the Azure Storage v12 Client Libraries
Published Jun 22 2020 05:03 PM 33.2K Views

We are excited to discuss the new Azure Storage v12 SDKs that are now Generally Available (GA) in .NET, Java, Python, and JavaScript/Node.js with a new architecture to better suit developer preferences.

We support both synchronous and asynchronous APIs in all the libraries that are GA. All of our v12 libraries have improved performance and ensure thread safety. They are equipped with all core functionalities of the previous versions (HTTP retries, logging, various auth protocols, and many more). We have reached feature parity for major scenarios with our v12 libraries and they offer new features as well such as support for ADLSgen2, filesystem access, etc.


You will notice a change in the experience using our v12 libraries. In order to ease the learning curve that programmers face when adopting our services, we made the libraries more idiomatic to their language. The v12 storage libraries are also consistent across Azure services, so learning one will make it easier to learn the others. They are supported, fully documented, and open-sourced (.NET, Java, Python, JS/Node).

Feel free to learn more about the guidelines followed to create these SDKs by visiting the .NET guidelines, Java guidelines, Python guidelines, and/or JavaScript/Node.js guidelines pages.

Getting started

If you are new to the Azure Storage client libraries, follow our quickstarts to get set up in minutes. From there, explore reference documentation and refer to code samples to master the libraries. With this new architecture comes breaking changes. For users interested in migrating their existing code, visit our comprehensive guides*.


Quickstart API Reference Samples
.NET Quickstart .NET Reference .NET Samples
Java Quickstart Java Reference Java Samples
Python Quickstart Python Reference Python Samples
JS Quickstart JS Reference  JS Samples


*In addition to the links above, we have published migration guides for a few popular libraries: .NET blob, Java blob.

Support for Earlier Versions

The earlier versions of our libraries will continue to be supported, however new features will only be added to v12 libraries. With the introduction of our new libraries comes the deprecation of our old libraries. All previous versions of the .NET, (v9/v11) Java (v8), Python (v2), and JavaScript/Node.js (v2) libraries will be deprecated. For the next 12 months, the deprecated libraries will be updated on an exceptional basis such as a security issue and we will continue providing documentation for all versions of the libraries. Refer to our Lifecycle FAQ page.


NOTE: We have officially moved off of our old GitHub repo links. The table below shows the mapping from the old repos to the new repos.


Old Repository New Repository


Building community


In order to better engage with the developer community, all our libraries are open-sourced. The source code for each library can be found under the Azure organization in GitHub.

We urge developers to submit feature requests and report any issues in the issues section of the corresponding GitHub repositories. Thank you for your feedback and looking forward to the continued partnership. 

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