Azure Stack Hub Partner Solution Series
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In recent years, Azure Stack Hub has led the way for Microsoft's Hybrid cloud offerings and partners have joined us to enhance the hybrid cloud journey of our customers. These partners and customers have built solutions that leverage Azure Stack Hub as part of their hybrid cloud strategy.


In some cases, these are actual products that work in hybrid environments and take advantage of the consistency offered by Azure Stack Hub, for the parts of the solution that “need to be on-premises”. In others, we’ve seen Service Providers that offer fully managed solutions to their customers – which essentially look just like a SaaS application they can consume directly, without worrying about all the parts of the solution that need to work together. Usually these range between:


  • Service Providers
    • They typically are Cloud Solution Providers (CSP), Managed Service Providers (MSP), or a System Integrator (SI) – some Service Providers are part of the Preferred and Advanced partners
    • Either hosting an Azure Stack Hub, or a managing one on behalf of the end customer
    • Partnering with ISVs, or building their own internal applications that are intended for their customers
  • Enterprise customers
    • Usually the larger companies that have certain requirements (regulatory, compliance, security, etc) for running Azure services on-premises
    • Typically, they have an Azure presence and look to keep a consistent operational approach for their on-premises workloads
    • Although they are internal to the company, they have their own internal-customers from other departments
    • They need to provide value for their internal-customers and help them answer certain requirements

All of these partners create value for their customers, either internal or external to their company, by leveraging Azure Stack Hub as a platform and as part of the overall solution.


Today, we are starting a journey to explore the ways our customers and partners use, deploy, manage, and build solutions on the Azure Stack Hub platform.


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Join Thomas Maurer (@ThomasMaurer) and myself (@rctibi) in  this series, as we will meet customers that are deploying Azure Stack Hub for their own internal departments, partners that run managed services on behalf of their customers, and a wide range of in-between as we look at how our various partners are using Azure Stack Hub to bring the power of the cloud on-premises. 


Through this "season 1" of this series we are focused on:

  • The introduction of the Azure Stack Hub Partner Solutions Series
  • Our first episode introduces Eversource Energy – that built a hybrid solution across Azure and Azure Stack Hub, creating a consistent operational model and simplifying the deployment of workloads.
  • The second episode follows the journey of knowledgepark, akquinet, and BordonaroIT – partners that have built a SaaS-like service that is consumed by over 200 healthcare clients across their region
  • Join our Australian partner Byte as we explore how they are using the Azure Stack products to simplify operations, accelerate workload deployment, and enable the teams to focus on creating value rather than "keeping the lights on".
  • Join our partner RFC in Tunisia, as we learn about their managed offerings, their partnerships with various ISVs, and how they've used Azure Stack Hub to accelerate Azure adoption
  • telkomtelstra is a Service Provider working with Enterprise and Government customers across Indonesia. They are a trusted advisor for their customers and support them across a range of services. Join us in this episode as we explore their journey with Azure Stack Hub and learn more about the wide range of services they provide for their customers.
  • Cloud Assert is an Azure Stack Hub partner that helps provide value to both Enterprises and Service Providers. Their solutions cover aspects from billing and approvals all the way to multi-Azure Stack Hub stamp management. Join the Cloud Assert team as we explore the many ways their solutions provides value and helps Service Providers and Enterprises in their journey with Azure Stack Hub.
  • iVedha is a CSP that created a management solutions which they were planning to use for their customers. As the tool evolved, they realized there are many Service Providers that could use this for their customers. Aytra was borne as an ISV solutions aimed at enabling partners in their Azure Stack Hub journey. Join Dodi as he shares their experience with Azure Stack Hub.
  • Salt is a Service Provider that has won the Microsoft Partner of the Year 3 times since 2017. Their business focuses on bringing a multi-tenanted Azure Stack Hub environment in the Caribbean Islands. Join them as they tell us more about their journey towards becoming a trusted advisor to their customers and learn more about the types of workloads planned with Azure Stack Hub.
  • Umbrellar is a New Zeeland cloud based company focused on empowering their customers and resellers in making the most of the Azure and Azure Stack Hub clous and create value to their end-customers in a multi-tenanted environment. 
  • Datacom is an Azure Stack Hub partner that provides both multi-tenant environments, as well as dedicated ones for customers in ANZ. They focus on providing value to their customers and meeting them where they are by providing managed services as well as complete solutions. Datacom focuses on a number of customers ranging from large government agencies as well as enterprise customers. 
  • MyCloudDoor is an Azure Stack Hub partner and Preferred SI that focused on managed services and creating value for their customers throughout the world. They have a wide range of customers across many verticals. Join the MyCloudDoor team as we explore how they provide value and solve customer issues using Azure and Azure Stack Hub.
  • BORDONARO IT is an Azure Stack Hub partner and Preferred SI that focuses on managed services. They are lead by Dino Bordonaro, who is an Azure Stack Hub MVP and together with his team they are delivering value to their customers by creating hybrid solutions on Azure and Azure Stack. BORDONARO IT runs the Center of Excellence ( where they offer Validation as a Service and PoC environments that partners and customers can use.


Through the month of August and September, we have quite a few partner videos following and we will update this thread, as well as announce them on our Twitter feeds (#AzStackPartners) – follow us in this journey as we explore the partner solutions built on Azure Stack Hub!

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