Azure Stack Hub Foundation Core - updates
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We have updated the repo with a new framework and set of tools that are intended to help Azure Stack Hub Operators accelerate their ramping up and provide starting tools they can use for various activities. 


It now includes 3 main types of resources:

  • Learning Materials: slides, links to videos, and workshop materials
  • Tools: starting points for tools used by Azure Stack Hub Operators on day to day activities
  • SlideShare: slides from webcasts/presentations

We will update this data as we progress and welcome any feedback on how to improve them, in order to make them more relevant for Azure Stack Hub Operators.


Learning Materials

The Azure Stack Hub Foundation Core are a set of materials (PowerPoint presentations, workshops, and links to videos) aiming to provide Azure Stack Hub Operators the foundational materials required to ramp-up and understand the basics of operating Azure Stack Hub. These will build on the Azure Stack Hub Foundation Core - video series - Microsoft Tech Community.



The Azure Stack Hub Operators use a wide range of tooling to manage their infrastructure. The Tools folder provides scripts and snippets as starting point for automating operator tasks - from PowerShell scripts, to API calls, ARM templates, Azure integration, and all kinds of automation. This repo is intended to capture some of these tools and to provide them as example for others, as they are building their tooling as well. Most of these scripts are small snippets which can, and should be, included in your own automation. As most of them are generalized scripts, you will need to configure them according to your own environment.



As we run webcasts and presentations (like the "work from home" sessions ran in April 2020), the SlideShare folder will be used to share these slides and other information regarding these sessions.


ASR Failback Script

The ASR-failback-script tool helps automate the failback process, when using ASR to protect Azure Stack Hub VMs. The process is described in the Azure Site Recovery failback tool document.

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