Announcing the Public Preview of IoT Hub on Azure Stack Hub
Published Oct 30 2020 08:05 AM 5,308 Views

We are very excited to announce the Public Preview release of IoT Hub on Azure Stack Hub!


With IoT Hub, you can now enable your whole IoT pipeline from data ingestion to analytics as well as provide device connectivity and management, locally from within your datacenters. The IoT Hub Service on Azure Stack Hub provides an Azure-consistent API surface, Portal experiences, SDKs and Tools to developers, as well as dedicated management experiences to Azure Stack operators. You can take a look at a complete list of all the features and scenarios enabled by this service in the detailed IoT Hub blog!


The teams have been hard at work getting the service through various previous phases and incorporating the early feedback, resulting in IoT Hub being natively integrated into the Azure Stack Hub platform alongside the infrastructure services. A few of the integrations we’d like to highlight are:

Integrated Deployment and Update experiences

The IoT Hub service can be downloaded directly from the Azure Stack Hub Operator portal through Marketplace Management. The new and improved user experience allows for better discoverability and acquisition of the IoT Hub service.


You can install IoT Hub seamlessly using the new and improved installation experience offered through the Operator Portal.




Updates to the service can now be seen directly from the Update blade alongside other Infrastructure updates that might be available!


Integrated Health and Alerting mechanisms

Just like the core Infrastructure Services, IoT hub is integrated into the Health and Alerting mechanisms. Azure Stack Operators can look at the status of the deployed service directly from your dashboard through the Resource Providers tile or from Region Management on the Administration portal.


Seamless Log Collection and Diagnostics experiences

IoT Hub is integrated into the native diagnostics and log collection experiences on Azure Stack Hub. Collecting IoT Hub logs during a support session is the same process as collecting logs for the core Azure Stack Hub infrastructure - through proactive log collection, portal-based log collection or through the tooling on the privileged endpoint.

What's next?

If you are interested and would like to develop a Proof of Concept, here are the steps:

  1. If you have not set up an Azure Stack Hub in your network, get started now with one of our partners.
  2. Make sure your Azure Stack Hub is installed with or upgraded to version 1.2005.6.53 or above.
  3. Install the necessary dependencies on Azure Stack Hub (Event Hubs).
  4. Download and install IoT Hub [Public Preview] through Marketplace Management on the Azure Stack Hub Operator portal!

To learn more about:

  • Installation/Operation IoT Hub on Azure Stack Hub, please visit here.
  • Using the service to develop solutions, please visit here.
  • IoT Talk Show of the announcement and introduction, please visit here.

It’s been an exciting process working on this service and we’re very eager for you to try it out, build cool solutions with it and letting us know what you think!


Please send your questions, feature requests, concerns, etc. to us through this survey.

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