Announcing the General Availability of Remote Support for Azure Stack systems
Published Jul 27 2023 01:57 PM 3,041 Views

Effortless customer support is an enduring reason that organizations adopt public cloud. With Azure Stack Hub, Azure Stack Edge, and Azure Stack HCI, we’re extending the Azure support experience to edge infrastructure. Support requests for Azure Stack systems have always been managed through the Azure Portal and covered under your Azure support plan. Today we’re taking the next big step: remote support for all Azure Stack systems is now generally available!


With remote support, you can temporarily grant Microsoft Support engineers constrained access to your on-premises edge devices to gather logs and fix issues. By default, remote support is off. It’s easy to turn on and off, when needed. After creating an Azure support request, it's recommended to grant remote support access to enable Microsoft Support to resolve the issue as soon as possible. This takes just a few minutes in only a few steps. Once the support request is closed, you can just as easily turn off remote support access.


Why use remote support?

Remote support for Azure Stack systems provides benefits to both customers and Microsoft Support:

  • Improved time to resolution: eliminate the back-and-forth hassle of scheduling a call and gathering logs yourself.
  • Safe and secure: you can grant just-in-time (JIT) authenticated access and define the access level and duration for each incident. You can revoke access anytime.
  • Audited troubleshooting: Microsoft Support can only run Just Enough Administration (JEA) approved commands and everything they do is recorded for you to audit.
  • Free: Remote support is included in your Azure subscription at no additional cost. You can get remote support for both unregistered and registered Azure Stack HCI systems.


Version availability:

  • For Azure Stack Hub, remote support is available for version 2108 and later.
  • For Azure Stack Edge, remote support is available for version 2110 and later.
  • For Azure Stack HCI, remote support is available for version 22H2 and later.

Documentation to learn more and get started:

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