AKS on Azure Stack HCI - September 2021 update
Published Oct 04 2021 12:04 PM 3,468 Views

Hi All,


I am happy to announce that the AKS on Azure Stack HCI September update is now available!  You can evaluate AKS-HCI by registering here: https://aka.ms/AKS-HCI-Evaluate.


With this update - we are bringing in the following changes:


Further Node Pool enhancements


Last month we released an update that enabled the ability to create more than two node pools on a Kubernetes cluster.  With the September update we are continuing to improve the AKS on Azure Stack HCI node pool experience.  You can now configure node pool tainting, which allows you to control which pods get deployed into which node pools.  We are also providing the ability to specific a maximum pod limit per node pool - so that you can guarantee that you do not accidentally over-subscribe the resources in your cluster.


Improved installation validation


We are continuing to work on making AKS on Azure Stack HCI installation as easy as possible.  With this release we have included a number of pre-installation validation checks, specifically for networking parameters.  As we have seen customers hitting failures late in installation because of incorrect network settings (hint: its always DNS).  By checking values before starting installation - these input errors are far less painful!


Fixed memory pressure reporting for the AKS on Azure Stack HCI Management cluster


Some of you had noticed that if you "looked behind the curtain" of what was happening with AKS on Azure Stack HCI - Hyper-V was reporting that our management cluster VM was reporting incredibly high memory pressure.  This caused y'all to be quite concerned about it.  Well, we have worked with the Hyper-V team to confirm that things were fine - but that the reporting was not correct.  So, we have fixed this issue - and the management cluster VM now tells us that it is fine.


One final note - at the beginning of September we announced the general availability of Windows Server 2022.  The September release of AKS on Azure Stack HCI is not supported on Windows Server 2022 (it is supported on Azure Stack HCI and Windows Server 2019).  But, we are working furiously to complete our formal validation of Windows Server 2022 - and hope to have an update here soon.


Once you have downloaded and installed the AKS on Azure Stack HCI September 2021 Update – you can report any issues you encounter, and track future feature work on our GitHub Project at https://github.com/Azure/aks-hci. And, if you do not have the hardware handy to evaluate AKS on Azure Stack HCI you can follow our guide for evaluating AKS-HCI inside an Azure VM: https://aka.ms/aks-hci-evalonazure.

I look forward to hearing from you all!


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