Sending emails when a new recommendation is triggered in Azure Security Center

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When you use Azure Security Center Secure Score to drive the enhancement of your cloud security posture, you will have to monitor the security recommendations in ASC and remediate them accordingly. One feedback that we received was: it would be great if once a new recommendation arrive, I could receive a notification (an email for example). This feature is here and does way more than just email.


In this video, I demonstrate how to use the Workflow Automation feature to send emails, open a ticket on Service Now and post a message on Slack channel when a specific recommendation is created.



For more information about Workflow Automation, read this article, and for more information on how to drive your Secure Score up in Azure Security Center, read the Secure Score Survival Guide.

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@Yuri Diogenes, interested in watching this video and so bookmarking the post, but curious as to which Slack was used instead of Teams?


Hi @Jeffrey Allen - it was only to show that we have built-in connector for this platform, that's all.


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@Yuri Diogenes  If i want the reported Resource name (VM, App Service) in the email subject which dynamic content to use.

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Wonderful!!! Thanks a lot for the video! Regards

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