Standalone Service Fabric Integration with Azure Log Analytics
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The Azure Log Analytics agent, previously referred to as the Microsoft Monitoring Agent (MMA) or OMS agent. These agents attach to an Azure Monitor and store collected log data from different sources in your Log Analytics workspace, as well as any unique logs or metrics as defined in a monitoring solution. In three simple steps, in this article we will configure Service Fabric Log Analytics workspace to retrieve performance counter for Service Fabric (performance /infrastructure monitoring) and events for system, application and Service Fabric (cluster/platform monitoring). Further we will create alert in Azure Log Analytics when node gets down.


In other option, you can achieved this via EventFlow ( Write a small app that listens for Service Fabric ETW events and forwards them to app insights / event hub / more options. For Application logs you have to write you own code and generate logs. These can also be pushed to Log Analytics using custom logs. .


1) Create the Service Fabric Log Analytics workspace



2) Install the agent on-premises Virtual Machines (If you have a 3 Node/ 5 Node cluster then this agent needs to be installed on each Virtual Machine).



Windows 64-bit agent - 


Once the agent is downloaded, you can go to install the agent using the setup wizard



Check if connected:


Note that even after installing and connecting the agent to the Log Analytics workspace, to get certain performance counter/events related to Service Fabric, you would need to manually add some additional performance counters/events in the Log analytics workspace. For this refer to step 3.


Check Service Fabric performance counters on-premise virtual machine. List of performance counter


Check Service Fabric events on-premise virtual machine. List of events



3) Config the Azure Log Analytics workspace on the Azure Portal


You would need to go to Portal > Log Analytics  Worksapce > “Workspace” > Advanced Settings > Data > Windows Performance data.  After that in the “Collect the following performance counters > Search bar, you would need to add the below counters” or any other counter you wish to monitor. They may not be shown in the auto-complete, but you can add them and save the changes.


Service Fabric Naming Gateway(*)\Client Connections

Service Fabric Reconfiguration Agent(*)\# FTs

Service Fabric Native Store\”CounterName”






In addition, you can also send event viewer traces (ETW) for application and system events and performance counter refer to below screens. More details at :


Further you can add Service Fabric events for Monitoring.

Add Service Fabric Events:







Wait for sometime around 15-20 minutes and run the below query in the Log Search : Perf | where ObjectName contains “Service Fabric Reconfiguration Agent” and check for other counter.


Performance Counter (performance /infrastructure monitoring):


Events (cluster/platform monitoring):


Configure an Alert:

Click "New Alert Rule" at the top and now anytime an event arrives based on this query, you will receive an alert in your chosen method of communication.

This will create an alert when a node goes down:


| where EventLevel == 1 and ParameterXml contains "NodeDown" and EventLog == "Microsoft-ServiceFabric/Operational"


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