Azure Event Hub | How to stop the incurring Cost on my EventHub, while not in use
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Case: In a situation, you observe your EventHub namespace is still incurring the cost, even though you are not doing any operations (read/write/management) on it and your EventHub namespace has no active EventHub instances present.


Root Cause of the behavior: 

  • At the time of creating the Azure EventHub namespace (Basic/Standard/Premium/Dedicated tier), you may have to give pre-purchased units of capacity in terms of Throughput units/Processing units/Capacity units based on the tier you choose. These pre-purchased units of capacity controls throughput capacity of the EventHub namespace.
  • Among all the other pricing factors, cost will be incurred based on the number of pre-purchased units of capacity (Throughput units/Processing units/Capacity units) at the EventHub namespace level.
  • Here I have attached a document, referring to the Azure EventHub pricing. Pricing - Event Hubs | Microsoft Azure
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  • As the pre-purchased units of capacity (Throughput units/Processing units/Capacity units) are defined at the EventHub namespace level, you will be charged per pre-purchased units of capacity configured hourly, even though there are no active EventHub instances present, and you are not performing any kind of operations on it.

How to mitigate this behavior:

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