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Use Case:

Download Cloud Service Package


Prerequisite/More Information:

  • You need to download the azure tool from the below link:

2)    More Details regarding the tools can be found in the below link:


Steps to Follow:

Steps to execute the Get Package API and create self-sign certificate:

  1. Download the AzureTools.exe from the below link.

  1. Double click on AzureTools.exe
  2. Click on Utils Tab
  3. Click on Misc Tools under Utils Tab
  4. A new window will be displayed. Click on Service Management REST API tab.
  5. Creating Self Sign Certificate (Ignore if you have already created)
  1. Follow the steps on the below link

  1. Install the exported certificate on your machine.
  2. Upload the exported certificate to azure portal (
  • Go to Subscriptions
  • Select the subscription for the cloud service whose package you want to download
  • Go to Management Certificates
  • Click on Upload and upload the certificate that you have created (Please make sure that the certificate’s extension is .cer)



  1. In the AzureTools Service Management REST API tab, enter the subscription ID and, the Certification Path. Select POST Operation from the Drop Down.
  2. Follow this article -  and create the URI. You will able to find the Subscription ID, cloud service name by logging into the azure portal under your cloud service.
  3. Please create a classic storage account in the same subscription. You need to create a public container and specify the URI of the container to which the packages will be saved.


  1. Click on the Submit button.
  2. You able to see the Response as 202 Accepted.
  3. You will find the package files in the public container you have created under the classic storage account.
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