Tiles with custom time range stuck in 24 hours even using timegenerated > ago(7d)

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Hello everyone,


I am building dashboards using both Tiles created on View Designer and charts from Analytics. The issue I have is that the tiles I create are all gathering data from 1 day instead of the 7 days as stated in the query with timegenerated:


| where EventID == 1000 and EventLevelName == "Error"  and TimeGenerated > ago(7d) 


For any reason, the query is being executed in a custom time range:



And I could not find a way to change it. Of course, I can do it manually after clicking in the tile, but when you access the dashboard again or refreshes, it  shows the same time range (1 day). Is there a place where a dashboard configures the standard time range it will use ? Why is it overriding the query time range configuration ?

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This is the expected behavior. All views in View designer are scoped to the last 1 day and even if you have longer period in your query that will be overridden. Only if you specify lower period that will be taken into account. There is also no option to change that default scope. If someone wants to use longer period they will have to setup that manually every time they open the view. As alternative you can try to configure Azure Dashboards with Log Analytics data. Those allow scope defined in the query up to 14 days. Of course Azure Dashboards does not offer the same functionality and dashboards like view designer.

Thanks for your reply. I am using a mix of Log Analytics queries and tiles created with View Designer. I will take into consideration the limitations you just described.