python plugin for Kusto in Log Analytics and Sentinel

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I want to use the python plugin within the Kusto query language within Log Analytics or Sentinel. As explained in the docs:
When I try to use it, I'm getting an error:

Plugin 'python' is disabled

Request id: 0c3210e7-6c6f-429c-9232-090ea6fa0d1c


Does anyone know how to enable the python plugin for Log Analytics / Sentinel?



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Not all plugins available for Kusto language (Azure Data Explorer) are available for Log Analytics as well. As this one is also in preview it may be the case that it needs to be GA'd before being released to Log Analytics. My advise is to log this request to Log Analytics user voice so potentially to get official statement from Microsoft.

Is it still in preview? Does anyone have any information when this might become available in LAW?