Monitor VNet peering data flow

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Hi! Is there a way to monitor the data flow between two peered VNets? The idea is to get the amount of data ingress and egress to estimate the costs associated with it. 

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That is not a metric that is currently measured according to the documentation. You certainly could use the Azure feedback forum to suggest that as a feature request. I would assume that it would not be to hard to implement since that is a billable event. 


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 @Bhavneet Singh 

Thanks Bryan for the response. I will definitely give the feedback and hopefully the functionality can be added. Meanwhile I was looking at Wire Data 2.0 and found that there is an option to track subnet level data. Any thoughts on that?  @Bryan Haslip 

That specific solution still plugs into log analytics and uses your OMS work space. It does however log the direction of traffic inbound or outbound. You might have to get creative on the query to aggregate that data but from what I can gather it is possible. You may also be able to gather this data in looking in the cost center and seeing the spend allocated to that. If the business need is to simply understand how much you are getting charged each month that might be the path of least resistance.   @Bhavneet Singh