How to show local time on the X-Axis of a render timechart and not UTC?

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Anyone know how to change the time on the x-axis of a render timechart graph in a Log Analytics query to local time?


I tried setting Display Time Zone in Settings but that did not work. I have seen a few references to that as being a bug.



Bill Zack

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This maybe?

| where (ObjectName == "Processor" and CounterName == "% Processor Time")
| summarize count() by bin(TimeGenerated,1hr)
| extend UTCtoPST = TimeGenerated - 7h  // convert UTC to PST
| project-away TimeGenerated            // remove the x-axis entry for UTC
| render timechart 

Go to Log Analytics and Run Query



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Thanks. There was a simple solution. I missed the Display Time pulldown on the top right side of the display panel :)