How to edit stored functions in app insights log analytics


I understood how to save a query as a function and use it. But I'm wondering how i can edit it after saving. I see no UX to edit the saved function? Can someone help pls. 

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Hi @sivakkb 


Open the QUERY EXPLORER (top right of the Logs (Analytics) Window) and search for the function you previously named.


Functions I think by default are in the "shared queries" folder.



@CliveWatson , Thanks for the response. But, search doesnt fetch my function. I can see my function in the left under "functions" but have no way to open it up and edit. 



When you saved the function there is a name and a function alias.  The alias appears under functions, but Query Explorer uses the full name.  Do you have any files listed in Query Explorer (don't filter on anything), or is just this one missing?  


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