Event to Log Workspace Delays

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Guys, is their a delay/latency in say the export of sign-in logs from AzureAD into a log analytics workspace? My security team have asked for real-time alerts on certain account sign ins. Should I look at Event hubs?

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This lists the latency details.



You can measure it with the queries in the link or via my Usage Workbook, which has a whole Tab (page) for latency  https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/azure-sentinel/usage-reporting-for-azure-sentinel/ba-p/126738... 


Other solutions may decrease latency, but you need to weigh that against complexity and costs etc...

@CliveWatson Thanks! We are using a 3rd party SIEM so we don't have Azure Sentinel. Specifically for the AzureAD sign in logs, would an event hub have less latency than a LA workspace?