Enable failed with exit code 53 Installation failed due to incorrect workspace key

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I was trying to enable a log analytic workspace in a VM, but i received the error "Enable failed with exit code 53 Installation failed due to incorrect workspace key". Does anyone knows what could be happening here? Thanks.

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Hi, @gaboh89 ,


Besides be using the wrong workspace key, which you can find on the log analytics workspace, "agents management" tab and you can't mix with the workspace id, I can't imagine any reason.


In order to make it a bit easier, on the same tab you can download the agent for the installation.


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Hello @gaboh89

Did you find any solutions for this error ?

I have the same one when trying to create VMs with standard load balancer and OMS custom extension : OMS extension deployment fails with the same error.

And in my case, I'm sure it's not really a workspace key error, because :
- I'm deploying with ARM template, and the key is injected in Custom Extension ARM from Log Analytics ARM output variable.
- when I only change LB SKU from "Standard" to "Basic", it works

Thanks in advance for your answer.