Dashboard performance issues and Creating a dashboard with dynamic target source dropdown list

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Two issues that I am dealing with application insights:

1. Dashboard performance - It takes a long time to load all the charts even when the queries are very simple. for example a simple query like:

let ids = customMetrics | where name == 'my_metric_name' | project customDimensions.id;

customMetrics | where name == 'another_metric_name' and customDimensions.id in (ids)

without much data loaded, can take about 30 seconds.

Maybe I am doing something wrong? is there maybe a way to index my customDimensions properties? 


2. Dynamic target resource - I have many target resources with the same metrics data structures, and I want to create one dashboard with many charts, that will be updated automatically by the given target resource - that can be changed from something like a drop down list with all the target resources.

Right now I have the same dashboard for each target resource.


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Hi Elad,


1. To isolate the query runtime vs general dashboard load times, can you please wait for the dashboard to fully load, then press the "refresh" button in the upper-right corner of the chart that took a while, and compare how long it takes for the data to come back vs how long the query takes to run in the Analytics portal?

2. This is not today possible through the UI, though something we'd like to offer in the future, together with other filtering capabilities. In the meanwhile, if you share your dashboard (even if just with yourself), it'll become an ARM resource, backed by a JSON template. You can download this JSON template, modify the target resource, and re-upload it for having a dashboard with a different target. I know this is a lot more cumbersome and doesn't entirely meet your request, but this could be a good workaround until we have the full feature implemented.