Dashboard not showing actual value, but shows 1K - how can I change to actual value


I'm using the Number tile

When numbers are >1000, it will change to 1K - instead of actual value 1136.

How can I change so it will so actual number - it is critical to me

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For Azure Dashboards, I workaround this by changing the result to a text string, obviously at the final stage after any calculations are over.  e.g.


| project tostring(BilledGB) 

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@CliveWatson Thank you for your answer, but I just tested it - and none of the OVERVIEW TILES (Number, Two Number, Donut, etc) accepts a STRING value, only numbers

Sorry, I thought this was an Azure Dashboard, but I think your showing a View Designer tile. I'd suggest you look at Azure Dashboards or workbooks...

@CliveWatson  Thanks again Clive. We are getting close, but Azure Dashboard is new to me. I ahve been using View Designer so far.

I have a simple query I would like to show on my dashboard with a single number.

When I Edit my dashboard, I have the option to add 25 tiles from the gallery dashboard. Which of them would give me either Single number or Two Numbers query.


A simple Query could be:

| where TimeGenerated > ago(31d)
| summarize hint.strategy=partitioned arg_max(TimeGenerated, *) by Computer
| summarize total=count(Computer)
| project tostring(total)
Easiest way is to make sure you have first SHARED your dashboard, then from the query screen you can use the 'pin to dashboard' option, You should open the dashboard in a separate tab or do a refresh to see the tile added, normally in the top right corner if there are multiple tiles.


Thank You Clive. I have managed to solve it using Workbook in Azure Monitor :)

Thankx again !!