What’s new in Azure Monitor @ Ignite 2023
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Azure Monitor offers a rich set of enterprise ready capabilities to ensure complete observability of your hybrid environment, enabling high availability, reliability, and performance. At Ignite, we announce new capabilities that will help you optimize costs and gain streamlined visibility into your application and infrastructure workloads. Here’s a quick recap.


Bring your SCOM investments to Azure Monitor with SCOM managed instance (SCOM MI)


  1. Azure Monitor SCOM MI is now GA and helps you easily lift and shift your existing on-premises monitoring investments to Azure Monitor, helping you modernize and speed up your migrations. You can integrate the data with Azure Monitor Logs and leverage the power of KQL to run queries for troubleshooting & analytics. Leveraging integration with Azure Monitor Alerts you can now also have a single pane of glass to monitor and manage all your alerts together. Learn more here.


Simplify monitoring and troubleshooting issues with Microsoft Copilot for Azure


  1. You can now use the new Microsoft Copilot for Azure to help with creating KQL queries to analyze AKS logs. We are also enabling scenarios for you to be able to get alert summaries and even ask Copilot to help investigate anomalies (for AKS, Arc-connected AKS, HCI, Storage, and VMs). Within Application Insights, you can even ask for code performance recommendations! Copilot can also provide general monitoring guidance, best practices, troubleshooting tips, and more, to help you better manage your environment. Learn more and sign up for the preview here.


Improve incident response with more flexible and real-time alerting.


  1. Azure Monitor supports alerts on Event Grid (preview) enabling the ability to receive near-real-time notifications with minimal latency for Key Vault events initially (which will be expanded to VM Health soon). Learn more here.


Elevate observability for cloud-native applications with new capabilities.


  1. Syslog support in Container Insights (GA) enables efficient collection and analysis of Syslog data from Linux nodes in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) clusters, enhancing observability, security, and health monitoring, and facilitating integration with SIEM systems and Azure Monitor. Learn more here.
  2. Support for multi-line logging in Container Insights (GA) consolidates previously split container logs into single entries, simplifying log management and analysis for more comprehensive insights. Learn more here.
  3. Full-stack troubleshooting using Azure Managed Grafana and Azure Monitor is now improved with the ability to view Azure Monitor Application Insights traces natively in Grafana trace visualizations. Learn more here.


Unlock operational efficiencies with new log management capabilities.


  1. Archive logs for up to 12 years (GA) improving your ability to perform compliance, auditing, trend analysis, and troubleshooting, and helping you make more informed decisions of your system's behavior over time. Learn more here.


Effortlessly establish and manage Service Level Objectives (SLOs) in Nobl9.


  1. Azure’s partnership with Nobl9 (GA) will streamline the process of creating and managing Service Level Objectives (SLOs), leveraging historical data and metrics from Azure Monitor, to help establish and achieve optimal performance targets. Read the Nobl9 announcement here.


How to engage with us at Ignite 2023


Meet us in the Expert Focus Meetup Area at the “Optimization and Governance and Monitoring” station. [in-person only]


Attend our demo session: Next-gen monitoring with Azure Monitor [in-person only]


Sign up for our roundtables to share your thoughts and feedback on various monitoring topics:


Attend the following breakout sessions to see how Monitor can add value to your IT goals:

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