Introducing the Standard Ping Test
Published Jul 15 2021 03:13 PM 7,429 Views

Our URL ping test has long been a simple way for customers to check their endpoints but lacks the complexity to meet all single request test needs. Meet the Standard ping test.


The Standard test can run almost any single request test required & is a major upgrade on the existing URL ping test. The configuration experience is similar to the URL ping test but with a dedicated Standard test section for more advanced tests & SSL options.


The test has a reactive & proactive SSL certificate check. You can set a time period before a certificate expires to be alerted that it will need to be updated.





The new Standard test configuration section allows you to select the HTTP verb you need, add custom headers, or a custom request body. The HTTP Request verb dropdown menu has 7 options today. If you'd like another HTTP verb you can deploy the test using an ARM template with the verb replaced. 




The Standard Test can be run from 16 locations like the URL ping test & will eventually be paid. You will be billed on a per configured executions basis which depends on the location count & test frequency you choose. 


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Standard Ping Test Documentation


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