Azure Workbooks - Set it to Auto-Refresh
Published Mar 22 2021 03:28 PM 5,715 Views

If you use workbooks or templates and  do not want to keep clicking refresh, you can now set it to auto-refresh.  Refresh frequency (interval) ranges from 5 mins to a day, just like Azure dashboard.


Here are three simple steps: 


1. Open workbook and Auto refresh is available in toolbar (default set to off) MicrosoftTeams-image (39).png


2. Click on Auto refresh, Choose the refresh frequency (interval) and click Apply. These intervals are same as Azure dashboard.  



3. Views will be updated at this interval 



Things to remember: 

  1. Auto refresh is off by default. You need to explicitly set it 
  2. Auto refresh works in 'view' mode and stops in 'edit' mode
  3. Auto refresh settings are not persisted (each time you open workbook you have to set it) #designedforoptimalperformance

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