Azure Monitor Logs - Change Tab Name
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Azure Monitor Logs continues to deliver on customer requests. 
Logs users use multiple tabs in their day to day work, today, we allow changing of the tab name while you work on your queries - making the Logs experience more organized and easy. 

Changing your tab name

Changing the tab name can be done by double clicking it's title :

Tab rename double click.gif

 Or by right clicking the tab to reveal the context menu:

Tab rename right click.gif


Tab name and saving a query 

As our tab names carry over to saved queries, if you change the tab name, the new name will be the default for the query, if you choose to save it:

Tab rename query to be saved.gif


To learn more about saving a query in Azure Monitor Logs - please refer to this article.

Summary and feedback

We hope you enjoy this new addition to Azure Monitor Logs.

We really appreciated your feedback and thoughts, click the feedback button in Azure Monitor Logs to share your thoughts and feedback with us.

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