Announcing New ServiceNow Event Management and Azure Monitor Integration

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The ServiceNow ITOM connector provides an upgraded new integration between Azure Monitor and ServiceNow® Event Management to help bring Azure telemetry events seamlessly into ServiceNow ITOM Health with its AIOps capabilities such as event correlation, root cause analysis and service impact analysis, to help you maximize performance and availability of your applications and proactively identify problems.

One of the main improvements of the new integration, also referred to as "Secure Export",  is a more secure authentication due to its use of Azure Active Directory (AAD).



Customers who choose this integration will have a single view of events in ServiceNow® Event Management to achieve unified management in hybrid cloud environments (e.g. on-prem and Azure cloud). Customers will be able to have one common process to handle events and review operational and delivery processes, thus achieving faster issue resolution. Ultimately, customers will be able to benefit from a unified KPI management system and be able to define common global goals in the organization using ServiceNow® Event Management.


Enterprises typically start their event management journey by consolidating events from multiple monitoring tools. Collectively, these tools can generate hundreds of thousands—or even millions—of events every day. Event management systems need to collect and process these huge event volumes in real time without losing events or causing delays whether they occur on-premises or in the cloud. To ensure ServiceNow® Event Management and Microsoft Azure continue to serve our joint customers’ most demanding environments, we are announcing enhancements to our ServiceNow Event Management and Azure Monitor integration. 


The new ServiceNow Event Management Connector integrates with Microsoft Azure Monitor and includes these key enhancements:

  • A secured integration which leverages Azure Active Directory – Safely integrate Azure Monitoring and ServiceNow Event Management using Active Directory based authentication and authorization. Register ServiceNow as a trusted application in the Microsoft identity platform which is authenticated using OAuth with Azure Active Directory using "Secure Export" action group.
  • A dedicated listener and transformation of Azure events to ServiceNow Event Management events – Out of the box dedicated end point for receiving Azure events and transforming them into ServiceNow events
  • Deduplication of Azure events and mapping to ServiceNow Event Management alerts – Deduplicate and correlate multiple Azure Monitor events to a single actionable ServiceNow alert leveraging ServiceNow AIOps capabilities, including finding unexpected and unusual behaviours and resolve them, even before the end users call and report them to the helpdesk.
  • Bind Azure-generated alerts to CI and perform impact analysis on your monitored services – Creating and or updating ServiceNow alerts, binding them to a CI in the CMDB and performing an impact analysis to realize the impact on the monitored service
  • Creation of actionable alerts and allowing incident creation using out the box Alert Management rules  – Orchestrating the incident creation in ServiceNow by applying out-of-the-box Alert Management rules. Incident is automatically created with the right information bubbled up from Azure Monitor to ServiceNow Event Management and to Incident Management. 
  • Single view of tickets in one central system where the customer can centrally monitor and manage work items in his ServiceNow Service Management product.

The new Event Management Connector and Azure Monitor integration is available in the ServiceNow Store in the Event Management Connectors app.

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