VPN Gateway and FritzBox connection

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I need to connect my private virtual network on Azure with my On Premis network via my FritzBox 7581 (OS Version 7.14). I have defined A VPN Address space, 2 Subnets, a Local Gateway and a VPN Gateway with a Connection IPAddress. I use the Passphrase to connect to the FritzBox. Azure states connecting (verbinding maken). On th side of the FritzBox I get a grayed out status.


How can I do more debugging on this connection to get more info on what's going wrong.


Any clue would be great. Thanks in advance.




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In the mean time, I succeeded by importing a cfg file into the FritzBox

with the right parameters. 


I will be available to help if someone has any questions on this topic.



@xstreur - I have a Fritzbox 7590 and have been trying for a couple of days now to get a Site to Site VPN up to my Azure instance.  I have built the gateways/virtual networks and public ips etc a few times now to no avail.


Most of the other articles are approaching 6 years old now and I can't but help think that MS or AVM have made some changes in the interim that prevent the vpn from coming up with the setting I have.  


Note I have been using Policy Based vpn.


Any assistance you could offer, or a redacted config fritzbox vpn file/azure setup would be terrific.  Thanks for your time,


Frans, did you have to use a policy routed vpn rather than a route-based vpn?