docker network “l2bridge” - how to determine values for: subnet, gateway, DNS server and VLAN ID

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I have VM with virtual network, let's say "VN1" and I need to connect from my docker container to that VM in Windows in Azure for Azure Container Instance. The proper way is that I need to create new l2bridge network:

docker network create -d "l2bridge" --subnet --gateway 
-o"" my_transparent

How I could determine these values in Azure: subnet: gateway: DNS Server: VLANID: because I did not conifgure any of those previously once my VM has been created (only the name of Virtual Network) but now I need to re-use those in this kind of setup for l2 network driver?

Maybe I am lacking some permissions (for example even for my company subscription resource I cannot see all the details) but I am really confused how I should obtain values which I will use in my l2bridge network driver configuration?


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