Azure Firewall web categories check not working

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My Azure Firewall has been set up with network and application rules, and they work as expected.

However, after enabling TLS inspection, I am unable to check web categories of URLs successfully.


Under Category check, when typing returns category as 'Search engines + portals'. However, changing the URL does not return the expected category 'Web-based email'.


NOTE: TLS inspection has been configured with the default Azure Key Vault.


Can some one give me pointers to get the web category check working?




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Are you using Azure firewall standard? Please refer 'Web categories' under below article:




I am using Azure Firewall Premium, and am unable to get web categories to work.


Since TLS inspection is enabled, I am assuming that the firewall should differentiate between "" (which I think is 'http') and "". This want this to work, but it is not working for me.


Once the above works, I need to use the TLS inspection functionality within "Application Rules" and "URL Filtering" for HTTPS traffic.