User logged in activity cannot be found in Audit log search

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Hi Team,


We have a newly created tenant with Audit log enabled more than 72-hours ago and Azure AD P1 license enabled more than 48-hours ago. I can view the Azure AD sign-ins in the Azure AD Portal, however, the 'User logged in' activity has been empty in the audit log search


Screen Shot 2021-08-23 at 5.34.54 PM.png



In another tenant which I have been subscribed to for over 2-years, User logged in activity can be found today even if it is on Azure AD Free license.


Is there anything I have to setup to enabling the sign-in logs from Azure AD to be made visible in the Audit log search?  We need to be able to view the sign-in activities 'UserLoggedIn' operation via the management API but the data is simply missing in the new tenant.

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