which purpose I can use IAAS

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I have one question in Azure like , If I want deploy some web app in Azure that time either I can choose Azure Pass service like Azure Web App service or I can create a VM (IAAS service) and deploy code right to that VM right. So my question is which purpose I can use IAAS and which purpose I can use PAAS service inside Azure.

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@Sagar Thanks !

Azure App Service is a fully managed "Platform as a Service" (PaaS), where you need not to manage storage, server, etc., but when you host code on IAAS VM, you take care of servers operating system, storage, and networking etc.


IaaS provides you with maximum flexibility when it comes to hosting custom-built apps and quick migrate to cloud with zero code/no code changes.


PAAS allows you to modernize your legacy application with refactoring and using new cloud technologies.


Please refer https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/architecture/guide/technology-choices/compute-decision-tree#u...