Prepare your cloud environments using Azure landing zones
Published Jan 25 2021 09:00 AM 5,351 Views

As you embark on your cloud journey, there are obvious concerns around security, compliance and proper governance of your digital assets in the cloud. You want to enable your teams to achieve innovation with speed and agility and at the same time ensure that proper guardrails are in place. Azure landing zones help you set up your Azure environment for scale, security, governance, networking, and identity – aligned to your organizational needs.  They are a set of architecture guidelines, reference implementations, and code samples based on proven practices—to prepare cloud environments.

We are pleased to share a new Mechanics video on this topic where we talk about the 8 key design areas which describe what you should consider before choosing the right implementation option for Azure landing zones; which could be a ‘start small and expand approach’ where you start with implementing basic landing zone considerations or the ‘enterprise-scale approach’ where you have a rich initial implementation with fully integrated governance, security and operations right from the start.


Whether you're looking to deploy your first production application to Azure or you're operating a complex portfolio of workloads, the Azure landing zone implementation options can be tailored to your needs. You can learn more about Azure landing zones through this Microsoft learn module. You can also read more about landing zones in this recently published blog for more information and review the detailed documentation on this topic.

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