Moving a VM and its resources to another resource group.

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Hey everyone,


I currently have a VM with a bunch of stuff (network interface, IP, virtual network, storage account and disk). Which is located in West Europe. But the resource group its part of is in Northern Europe.


This is a problem because I want to migrate the VM to West US using the following guide:


But I ran into a problem I cannot select the VM to replicate because If I choose my area (West Europe) the resource group doesnt show up. But if I choose Northern Europe the resource group shows up. But the VM doesn't because it is in West Europe.


When trying to move the resources of the VM to a West-Europe resource group, everything can be moved except for the DISK. Is this going to be a problem if the disk is still in the old resource group and the rest of the VM is in the new one? The disk itself is located on West Europe like the VM, Its just that the resource groups will be different.



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i would suggest you create a staging VM and treat the source VM as a physical VM. as to why you are unable migrate the Disk from one RG to another, it should give you a detailed reason as to why it failed, what was it ?
Moving manage disks from one region to another still not supporting when you try to move them they will give a validation error