Migrating a small business to Azure

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I am an outside consultant that manages a small business of about 40 people.  Back in 2013 I built them a file/print/DC server and migrated them to Office 365.  Now, as time has gone on they have increasingly moved many of their files to SharePoint.  But there is still one share on the file server that a lot of the non-technical people use.  I would like to migrate that to SharePoint as well and have them start using that which would also pretty much eliminate the VPN as well.


That being said, if I went one step further and moved all the authentication to Azure, I would no longer need to support the file server at all.  Is there a step-by-step somewhere that explains moving an on prem DC to an Azure DC?  How costly would this be? Could they use their current 365 emails as their username?

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hi  @BoxOfFrogs, I found a good discussion on this topic in this thread here: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/azure-active-directory-identity/migrating-on-prem-ad-to-azure...


Does this help?





Performed a similar task by using Azure AD connect. However, our server OS was too old and we decided not to upgrade, just to decommission following migration. So, I just used Azure Migrate