Implement Azure landing zones with HashiCorp Terraform
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In our first blog post, we outlined the Azure landing zone conceptual architecture as the strategic design path for your Azure environments target technical state. Not all organizations adopt Azure in the same way and, similarly, not all organizations use the same tools to implement landing zones. We highlighted the Azure landing zone accelerator, which utilizes the Azure Portal to speed up your implementation — allowing you to customize environment configurations with the option of GitHub integration that sets up CI/CD pipelines for infrastructure as code (IaC) DevOps practices.  To accelerate organizations using HashiCorp Terraform and in co-development partnership with HashiCorp, we released the Terraform Module for Cloud Adoption Framework Enterprise-scale (caf-enterprise-scale). Just like the Azure landing zone accelerator, the caf-enterprise-scale module aligns with the Azure landing zone conceptual architecture and provides an alternate path to the same outcome as the Azure landing zone accelerator. This is another example of our collaborative joint engineering investment with our partner Hashicorp.


Operability of your cloud infrastructure and workloads is key to cloud adoption success and Azure landing zones provide prescriptive guidance to set a well-architected foundation for your Azure infrastructure. In partnership with HashiCorp and our Terraform Azure community, we now have the reference implementation for deploying and managing Azure resources at enterprise scale generally available in the Terraform registry. This is a great opportunity for Azure and HashiCorp customers to accelerate their cloud migration through vetted guidance.” 

Madhan Arumugam Ramakrishnan, VP WW Customer Success

The Terraform module for Cloud Adoption Framework Enterprise-scale provides a framework for customers to migrate and manage enterprise workloads to Azure using infrastructure as code. We are excited to see the results that this will have for Azure and Terraform customers looking to accelerate their cloud implementation journey, and look forward to our continued investments together.

— Burzin Patel, VP Global Partner Alliances, HashiCorp

In the figure below, you can see the Azure landing zone conceptual architecture resources that are delivered by the Terraform Enterprise-scale (caf-enterprise-scale) module. The Azure landing zones guidance for Enterprise-scale architecture prepares your organization for long-term self-sufficiency. This module provides a recommended approach for deploying and managing the Azure landing zone architecture using Terraform. Depending on the options selected, this module can deploy resources for each of the following capabilities as needed:

Module Resource Type

Azure landing zone design area:

Core Resources

Foundation core capability of this module deploys

Management Resources


Connectivity Resources

Network Topology and Connectivity

Identity Resources

Identity and Access Management


These resources can be deployed to multiple Subscriptions by setting the Provider Configuration on the module block. The User Guide provides additional guidance on how to customize your deployment using the advanced configuration options for this module, and the additional examples in our documentation can also be used to get you started quickly.


We’ve also partnered up with the amazing team at HashiCorp to create a tutorial based on the module posted in the HashiCorp Learn site. The Deploy the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework Enterprise-Scale Module tutorial will walk you through how to use and customize the module.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

  • Deploy the core and demo landing zones. The core landing zones manage and organize user workloads to provide the services and governance that the Cloud Adoption Framework recommends. The demo landing zones represent sample landing zones that your infrastructure team would deploy to give downstream teams access to infrastructure for their workloads.
  • Deploy a custom landing zone. This simulates a workflow you can use to deploy landing additional, CAF-compliant infrastructure for teams within your organization.
  • Add logging and security with the management submodule.
  • Create subnets, DNS zones, and policies with the connectivity module.

Check out the Terraform Module for Cloud Adoption Framework Enterprise-scale landing zone

Microsoft DevRadio:  Terraform Module for Cloud Adoption Framework Enterprise-scale Walkthrough

Get started with the HashiCorp Learn Tutorial: Deploy the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework Enterprise-Scale Module

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