Classic ASP and SQL Express

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I'm look at migrating an existing site the uses Classic ASP to access SQL Express data to an Azure environment. The site does not have high traffic volume and the database holds data temporarily (30-60 days usually) before being deleted.


It's my understanding that Classic ASP needs to run on a VM since the MS SQL Native Client must be installed on the Virtual Machine.


So my questions:

Is it possible/advisible to create a single VM that acts as web server and database server (installing SQL Express)?

What Windows OS is recommended? Datacenter? Nano?

Optionally, I'd like to clone the server and load balance in the event of server outage. Suggestions?


Thank you in advance for any assistance.

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Hello, We have successfully migrated our Classic ASP Application to Azure Env ,SQL Express DB also in same VM using Azure VM Datacenter ( Nano - havent tried yet).




Have you considered using the low-priced tier of azure dsl db or converting to table storage and a web role? Technically, you could create startup tasks on a web role with a local th and save cost over an IaaS solution but its likely better to rearchitect just a bit and save money at the same time.

Hi @Mark Quickel can you explain a bit more? We are facing the same problem.

Classic asp application using SQL server. We are looking for a cost-effective solution.


Thanks, Mike

@Mike Jansen, I don't fully know your application requirements and that would certainly potentially impact cost. To be honest, Azure VM pricing is going to be changing pretty dramatically as of January 1 2018 and, not considering management costs, VMs will likely be less expensive than a cloud service. I'm waiting to see what changes might be coming there. Of course, with VMs you can also potentially take advantage of the Azure Hybrid Benefit.