Best option for migrating individual servers to Azure (smaller scale, 1-10 servers)

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I've been looking at Azure Migrate with the appliance that would be installed on a Hyper-V or VMWare host, as well as using Azure Site Recovery.  I'm assuming a volume image backup could be used to restore to a cloud server as well.  What option would anyone suggest should be the default for small migrations (1-10 servers)?



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I personally would still use Azure Migrate to access the environment to help with right sizing and to discover dependencies. Followed up by Azure site recovery to fail the VM over into Azure. If the amount of downtime you can allow comes into play this is also the best option because you can dial down the recovery point objectives versus waiting for the VHD to upload to Azure. Certainly make sure your VMWare environments are on a supported version for Azure Site Recovery but that would get my vote. I have used this to recover a single VM up to 100+. The experience and workflow is simple and the same across both movements!